Kraggen Rockchair

An old dwarf guardsman, always seemingly days away from retirement.


The ancient dwarf still wears the old, old badge of the Waterdeep guard. He has foregone the armor and weapons of a guardsmen, preferring to wear a comfortable tunic under his uniform and a small Darkwood club hidden on his person.


Kraggen is a self appointed mentor to Arlon. They’ve worked together on a few cases. He is a survivor from the encounter with Stargos, the Vitaemancer.

The ancient dwarf took to city life well and finds the career of a guardsman suits him. He’s been on the force for well over 200 years but now looks forward to retirement. Unsure of what he will do when he leaves his career, he tends to keep his last day, “A few days more…”

Kraggen Rockchair

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